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Where does time go...over time people, ideas, things change, if they didn't... we wouldn't be who we are/where we are today. There are moments that I want to reach back, do things different, rephrase wording, but I can't. The thing about time, it's got a destiny all of it's own. You can't change time, so you go forward with it. 

I love and miss you very much Mike....:) I know with you being "Lost in China" time will bring you wonderful experiences for a life time of memories. Take care of you for me..cuz I can't be there to do it. Love your brat child Mom...:)  (11/98)


Mike, if you want to return to China, follow your heart.....I'll put you back on the plane....with my blessings and love.  You only live once, don't look back in life regretting not doing something........GO FOR IT KIDDO!!!.......:)  Love, mom.  (11/99) 


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