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                A Few Words To Many

                   In a room overcrowed by

    4 corners

                                                            3 chairs

                                                                   2 people

                             and a burning cigarette that I didn't light

                   I don't love you anymore

                     is always a few words too many

              "Billy Myers"

               "Growing Pains"



             "A tale of wonderful and extraordanary events by

                   use of the imagination. Excitement, love, adventure,

                courtship between two "


             A page of some of my favs to enhance romance,

           combined with a special, unique, intriguing man

            Hhhhhmmm......:)   S~



            Black Tie Valet

             A must for that special person in your life.


                          candle.gif (7440 bytes)

                    Archibald Sisters

       Aw..........A great place  to get lotions with your favorite scent, candles, etc.  A place full of treasures, no doubt. There is nothing like a hotbath in almond oil, then the soft finger tips of your partners...gently, slowly massaging your the glow of candle lite .                                        Purrrrrrrrrrr.......:)



                                    fred.gif (4295 bytes)

                               1999 Frederick's of Hollywood

                       A place for a man that knows how to

                     make a women feel special,

                     A place for a woman that knows her man...!!!!                 


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                                       Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Cigar Scene.  All Rights Reserved.

                   For The Man & The Audacious Women

                 A Fine Cigar Is Most Definitely In Order For That

                      Romantic Evening.....!!!


                      wine1.gif (13329 bytes)

                                                                  Arbor Crest Vineyard

       Nothing better than a romantic afternoon. The Arbor Crest Vineyard, a place to go....browse the   beautiful gardens, sip on a nice glass of Arbor Crest wine,  play a game chess on their life size board.  This is my all time fav place in Spokane, WA. 


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                       The Relationship Quizzes  

                         See How You Rate



                                          Backround done by:             

                        Keli G. 

                      Copyright 1998, Keli G.  All Rights Reserved.